Best Pollution-free property locations in Bangalore

Bangalore is the hub of the IT industry in India and has more has captured more than 40% of the service sector market. If you have just moved in to Bangalore, you are also probably looking for a house for sale in Bangalore. The real estate market has received a constant growth in demand of 8-10% over the years, but the price of the property keeps fluctuating. When we decide to buy a home, it should be chosen as per the needs and demands. Many a times it is preferred to live in a non-polluted area to keep our family away from the menace of deadly Air Pollution and peace-hampering Noise Pollution. Here’s a look at the best pollution-free property locations in Bangalore where you can buy your future house in. There is less vehicular movement here. There are temples which play music at a controlled volume. There are several parks in these areas. The waste is well managed and the quality and frequency of water provided is slightly better than the other areas. The above mentioned advantages can very well be seen in the below areas.

  1. Kankapura Road

Kankapura Road is about 52kilometers from Basavangudi. The micro market is a highly sought-after residential locality of the city. Moreover, the realty market has a good connectivity to the Outer and Inner Ring Roads of the area. Even with this good connectivity, Kanakapura Road has been a darling of the home buyers because of the green cover it offers, strict noise pollution norms and proper waste management techniques followed by most of the societies.

  1. Uttarahalli Region

Uttarahalli is a bursting locality and an extension of the J P Nagar in Bangalore and it acts as

a suburb of the southern region in Bangalore. Locality has become popular because it is an

affordable residential destination of the city. Constant hustle-bustle is complimented with no-honking zones, strict adherence to traffic rules, adequate fresh water supply to the residents, etc.

  1. Kengiri

Kengeri is a prominent locality in the western region of Bangalore and it has become popular as the Satellite town of the city. The area is approximately at the distance of 14kilometers from the central part of the city. Kengiri Satellite Town in Bangalore is now emerging as one of the best places to make investments in the property market. Although it is located close to the central part of Bangalore, you will be greeted with cool weather once you enter the locality, there’s considerably less noise of vehicles as trees act as natural sound absorbers.

Bangalore as a city is constantly gaining popularity. It is working on improving the quality of air and water, reducing the noise at late hours, etc. to decrease the high level of pollution it was touching. It was among the 10 most polluted cities in India in 2005, but now it is constantly improving itself by encouraging green factories. It is potentially the future of India, and thus maintaining the health of the people by decrease in the pollution is the collective responsibility of both, the people and the government.


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