5 Qualities of Weather Tight Windows

If you’re a homeowner who really wants to protect your home from the inside and out, you’ve probably already given some thought to making your windows weathertight for the winter. Even if you’re not ready to buy replacement windows that come with their own weatherproof qualities, making your old home windows weather tight is a perfect way to keep your home protected through the winter and to keep your energy bills low at the same time. If you’re looking to outfit your home with the security and comfort of weathertight windows from Richmond Window Corp. , read on.

1. They Require Little Upkeep

When it comes to weathertight windows, you don’t have to do much to make sure the job is getting done. Since the design is already built to keep out air and cold, there’s no need to go around caulking and applying additional weatherstripping each year. All you have to do is install your new windows and enjoy a warm, naturally insulated home.

2. They Keep Your Bills Low

When cold air is trapped outside, the air in your home stays warm. It’s also much easier to regulate. If you’re dealing with leaky windows, you’ll end up relying much more heavily on your heating and cooling system throughout the year. That means you’ll round out the year paying a lot more on energy than you expected. Keep your windows leak-proof. You’ll save a ton in the long run.

3. They’re Extra Secure

With weathertight windows, you don’t have to just stop worrying about cold air getting in. You can also forget about intruders breaking and entering. The unique design of a weathertight window makes it nearly impossible for someone to break in from the outside. Since there are no cracks or gaps to be found, there’s no leverage for tools or other harmful mechanisms. The only way for someone to make their way in is to break the glass and trigger the alarm, instantly alerting the household to danger.

4. They Reduce Water Damage

When windows keep cold air out, they also keep out moisture occurring from rain, snow, and sleet. This is crucial for keeping your home mold proof and free of any water damage like rotting, warping, or molding. This is especially important because water can do a ton of damage once it enters your home. When your windows are weathertight, they’re built to keep the elements out all year long.

5. They’re Beautifully Built

Any window buying guide will tell you that when it comes to making a great investment on windows, it doesn’t get much better than weathertight models. Not only are these models newer and more streamlined than older, leakier windows, they’re built to last and look great through every season. Rather than requiring a ton of ugly caulking and taping each winter season, weathertight windows have their own protection built right in, so you don’t have to waste any time blocking your view with extra material. You can enjoy the beautiful outlook of your window all year round without any hassle.



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