Get A Yearly Chimney Inspection And Cleaning

If you are looking for a Fairfield, CT chimney sweeper, then contact Rick’s Chimney Service. Rick’s Chimney Service has served the Southern Connecticut area for 20 years and has seen  more than 3,700 satisfied customers during that time. Rick always give his honest opinion and never tries to sell something unnecessary. Running an honest and dependable business is why Rick’s Chimney Service has been going strong for so long in the Fairfield and New Haven County areas.

Owner and operator Rick magalnick performs all of the work himself, and offers the following services: chimney sweeping, chimney caps, chimney waterproofing, dryer vent cleaning, chimney relining and video inspections. He uses the most reliable materials and techniques, to give you a chimney that feels ‘brand new.’

Chimneys should be inspected at least once a year to see if there are any repairs that need to be undertaken. Using a certified chimney sweep in Fairfield, CT fireplace flues should be cleaned out at least once a year or after every cord of wood you burn. The age of the fireplace is also a determinant of how much time should go by before cleaning flues.

If you would like to ‘be there’ while a certified professional is cleaning your fireplace, a video inspection can be done to determine anything going on with your fireplace. From debris and clogged fireplaces to corrosion and soot build up – a lot can be wrong with a fireplace that can’t be seen without a chimney inspection. So, if you have not had your annual chimney inspection this year it is time to have one done in order to prevent future chimney issues.


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