Power storage options

The capture of energy that is produced at one time,for use at a later time is energy storage.The energy storage industry continued to adapt and evolve according to the changingadvances in the technology and energy requirements. Energy comes in various forms including electrical potential, elevated temperature, kinetic, gravitational potential, radiation and electricity. After the discovery of electricity, we sought for the effective methods to store the energy according to the demand. Battery or accumulator is the sources or devices that store energy sometimes. Some technologies provide energy storage that endures longer, whereas some provide short time energy storage. Some of the portable power storage options where you can keep your small electronics fully charged while rock climbing, camping is:

  • Inverter:

Inverter technology in portable generators is the latest technology that makes backup power safer for electronics, besides require less fuel and quieter. Two different types under this category are conventional portable generator and inverter generator. Conventional portable generatorcreates alternating current power, whereas inverter generator produces direct current power and then converts it into alternating current power.

  • Power packs:

A typically transportable and a self-contained unit which store and supply electrical power when needed is a power pack. It plays a role of the transformeron converting an alternating current to a direct current, usually at lower voltage.

  • Rechargers:

Better known as power bank, a portable charger is a device whose sole or main purpose is to supply power for devices like tablets or smart phones. Power banks are able to hold quite a large capacity because of the large batteries within them. Some are small because of the smaller battery capacity.

Power banks not only come with different size and capacity, but also with different charging technologies and charging output ports. Hence they play the role of saviors, by solving the low battery anxiety.

  • Solar generators:

When compare to fuel generators, solar generators are of huge benefit as they are completely silent besides they don’t produce any fumes. They are even safe to use indoors,generate completely silent portable power, recharged from the sun.solar power is the simplest form of energy, solar panels with the help of solar generators capture photons from the sun, charge a battery in the generator. Invertor changes it into alternating current electricity, before the power is extracted. Hence how long does a solar generator need to charge, depends upon the intensity of the sunlight. These solar generatorscomein variety of types and models and is becoming an increasingly used power source.

Therefore, in today’s world, the need for electrical power is almost unavoidable.

Bottom Line

Solar generators use sunlight, a natural energy source, as fuel to run them. They don’t produce harmful gases like traditional generators which run on kerosene or petrol do. So they are safer to use even inside the house without polluting the environment. With growing interest in public to reduce carbon emissions and choose products that are environment-friendly in nature. The next generation portable generator systems were designed with solar technology to meet the world needs.


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