Things which determine you bought the right house

Buying a house is not as difficult as it is portrayed to be. It is a hard thing to do is done the first time. A home or property is like a vehicle in comparison; it may look good from the outside but not be as good in running when you take it for a drive, so never trust your instincts. Buying property for the first time or if you’re a newbie in this field may is challenging, but we here at IMS Realty will help you out to find just the right house for you.

These are three basic rules for buying a new house:

  • Never trust a real estate agent who is forcing you into buying a specific house.
  • Don’t believe your instincts when purchasing a house.
  • Inspect the house thoroughly it’s you’re right.

Never blind trust when buying a house

People who don’t have much experience in this feel tend to trust “what they feel like” and without analyzing the whole thing they give it a shot and buy the house. This works sometimes and doesn’t else wise but buying such expensive properties is not a game and certainly not something we should take for granted.

Just as in the case you do not want to trust your instincts and go by a house, at the same time you need to keep this in mind, that many people excluding you also have a similar picture in mind for a house and might end up buying the property you were about to pay for someone else bought it, just before you were about to pay for it.

Simple ways to know you bought the right house:


The part of this whole process is going through the excitement and joy of not knowing what the house will be like. When you pull up in the street and don’t know whether your house is on the right or left of the lane, I would say go with the one you feel better about and catch your eye at first.

The feeling you get, when first entering the house

When you first enter any new place or go to a new place you’re unfamiliar with, it always has a good or bad vibe to it. This is your possible living place for the time to come, and you do not want it to give out bad vibes. You should immediately cross it out of your list if it doesn’t feel comfortable.

Filling your needs

When a person starts looking for a house to buy, they pick out of a list of their basic needs, like for example; it needs to have two washrooms, 1 Bedroom, and a big lounge. Everyone has their own needs, and you should give out a list to your agent so he can have an idea of what you’re looking for.

Checking out for dirty or damaged spaces

There are many parts of the house in which unless you look in a very detailed manner you won’t be able to find a flaw; this is what many agents get away with. Yours offered a very nice house for a decent price, but you don’t know in reality it will cost a lot to fix when it comes to settling in the home.


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