Unfold The Best Benefits Of Wall Coverings That Makes It Better Over Wall Paintings!

Attractive paintings and wallpapers are the best way to make your home appealing and beautiful. These days, wall coverings have become the most popular décor item. However, there are few people that are actually aware of other major benefits of decorative wall coverings in their home as well as business place. The following are the most modern and the best benefits of opting for wallpapers. Find your reason to invest in it right away!

Extremely durable

Generally, wall coverings tend to last over five times longer than the wall paint under normal conditions. When it is installed properly, it can retain not only its original beauty but also performance characteristics for over 15 to 25 years. While the painted surface normally needs to be cleaned frequently in order to maintain its overall appearance, wall coverings don’t need it! Most of the wall covering adhesive contains anti-fungicidal agent to prevent the growth of mould. Ultimately, wall coverings require very little or no maintenance at all to maintain its beauty!

The best quality wallpaper by Janovic can last for over 15 years unlike the wall paint that is extremely durable. Wall coverings can easily survive in the higher traffic areas and can hold wear and tear of children and pets.

Cost effective

Apart from great aesthetic appeal, wallpapers are also a smart and economical choice to consider. Despite the high upfront costs as compared to paint, the wallpapers are much more economical. Due to their ultimate durability, there is no cost or additional time needed to keep them up-to-date. Once it is on your walls, it will stay there!

Plus, you will be extremely happy to know that they can hide many of the surface imperfections as well. If you choose paint for hiding them, you will need to repeat the complete process of painting your house every 2-3 years to keep those imperfections away. The overall price of wallpapers may vary depending on the style, design, and brand you choose.

Wide range of design choices

Wall covering designs can be anything, from abstract shapes, stripes, flowers, to different style murals, so you have an ample of designs to choose from. This list is just endless. It can be anything that can reflect your fair and unique style.

Wallpapers can entirely change the visual appearance of your rooms in more than one ways. They can easily be used as accent wall in living room or bedroom or even as complete wall coverings in powder rooms, dining rooms, or even in libraries.

Wall coverings can act as background to the wall art or as a unique art on its own. It greatly depends on overall design that you desire. Wall coverings are not just limited by patterns or colours. In fact, they can be made from a wide range of materials including linen, silk, velvet, and so forth. They can even be textured.

Wallpapers can create an expensive and appealing designed look in any type of space. For these reasons and many more as stated above, they are loved and widely used today!


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