Different Kitchen Themes to Suit Your Home

Decorating your kitchen is a slightly different process to decorating the rest of your house. Whilst you may try to keep a consistent theme throughout your interiors, you have the freedom to be a little more creative when it comes to the kitchen décor. Kitchens are a space for creativity and with this in mind, you can also be fun and adventurous with the decorating styles you opt for. For those who are a little unsure of which kitchen style to go for or what themes are popular within kitchen design, here are a few themes to give you some inspiration!

A Traditional Touch…

Traditional kitchen décor is by far one of the most popular styles available, with many people introducing it to their homes every day. The classic style combines raised panels, moulded features and stylish ironmongery to add to the character, as well as a neutral colour palette to enhance the traditional look. You often find that traditional kitchens include dark, oak flooring with a lighter oak worktop to balance out the different materials used, which can really help to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The neutral colour scheme then enables you to introduce bold colours through accessories and finishing touches.

A Cottagey Feel…

For those who want to achieve a cosy, warm feel in their kitchen, cottage kitchen design is just for you. Cottage-style décor includes a selection of cosy materials and gentle colours that create a friendly space for you and your family. You often find that cottage décor includes lots of painted wood, such as the kitchen cabinets, dining table and chairs, and these are often painted in a light, pastel colour to keep the bright yet cosy feel consistent. You also tend to find lots of old fashioned features within this kitchen theme, such as a butcher’s block, deep ceramic sink and tiled backsplash. These features help to enhance the cottage feel and help to create a cosy, warm environment.

Modern vs Contemporary

There are so many different interpretations of modern and contemporary décor, which can cause a lot of confusion when people are trying to decide which style is right for their homes. Modern kitchen décor is more of a mid-century theme, made up of straight lines, sharp edges and a clean, crisp finish. Contemporary design on the other hand, is all about what is stylish in the moment. You find that contemporary décor utilises materials from a range of different time periods, to create a bold, unique look for your kitchen right now. Contemporary designs often combine retro, quirky furniture pieces with unique artwork, which makes the theme really fun and easy to reflect your own personality.

Rustic Style Kitchens…

You then have rustic style décor. Rustic décor is a combination of old fashioned, traditional elements, with bold features that add charm and character to the room. One of the most popular features to a rustic kitchen are the materials used. Rustic kitchens see a lot of wood including oak and pine, to keep the décor style strong and bold. The décor style can often have a selection of different wood types, in different colours, used for certain areas of the room such as the kitchen cabinets, table and chairs and sideboards. These features will instantly set the rustic tone, which is then enhanced by the cool toned palette of whites and greys, and the rustic accessories such as the steel lighting fixtures and handles.


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