Real Estate Agent Dress Code: What You Should & Shouldn’t Do

Have you ever had problem deciding the dress code at work? This might be a bit tough for you if you are a real estate agent. You might be confused about the proper dress code when you visit your client. So, if you are confused (which is a good thing), here are some pointers to help you out.

Maintain Your Image

When you are in the professional field, you would need to maintain your image. So, if you color your hair, make sure you maintain the roots. Additionally, your accessories, shoes and dress code should be same throughout. Try avoiding dresses, which show cleavage, or wearing tight dresses or stilettos. The aim is to look professional in your attire, and not a model. So avoid heavy makeup if you are not comfortable with doing it daily.

Meeting Clients

While meeting clients, you should choose the formal attire. This means, if you are male, you should go with dress slacks, a jacket, a button down shirt, tie, and shoes and socks. For women, you would need a skirt or pant, a jacket, which is conservative, and pumps with close ties.

If you are meeting the client in the rural area, you can go for casual attire. However, try not to overdo it. Apply minimal makeup if you are female, and try for conservative attire.

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In The Office

If you will be sitting in the office doing paperwork, try wearing business casual.  This means you can wear formals, which you are comfortable in. So, for men it would be dress slacks, button down shirt or a polo shirt, dark shoes and socks. While for women it would be skirt or dress slacks, blouse and closed toe pump shoes.

So, now that you know about the proper dress code, all you need to do is get started with your professional career. Have fun!



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