September Means Moving: Are You Prepared?


September is a time when many families move to new areas of Ontario as children are getting back to school. There are also many university students who are moving to new quarters at this time as well. It is a good idea to take advantage of some tips that can make the whole process easier, which will save some wear and tear on your body and your mental health as well.

There is no doubt that moving is quite stressful – as noted by some physiologists – as it has been classified as one of the prime stressors of life, along with divorce, the death of a family member and losing a job. However, the stress can be mitigated by taking advantage of several tips that work well in relieving the overall discomfort of moving.

Plan Ahead Well in Advance

Planning ahead is easy to talk about when moving, but pulling it off successfully can take some doing. Experts tell us that making a plan and then being able to follow it, even if not completely, helps in lots of ways. First of all, planning helps your brain to become organized, which eliminates the panic that can set in from not knowing what to do next.

Part of the planning procedure should include packing and throwing things away. We all accumulate useless stuff because it is easier than getting rid of junk all the time. It will be a relief to do away with a pile of stuff you don’t use anymore – and if you donate them, then you can also feel good about yourself too!

Hire a Professional Mover

Even if you are just moving from one side of Toronto to the other, getting expert help is going to work out much better for most people. If, on the other hand, you are moving across the country, you may want to look at Rent a Son long distance movers as a prospective option for experts who can transport your gear safely across provincial borders. Sure, the idea of renting a box truck so you can save some money has its appeal, but professionals can pack, cushion, and move your things with minimal risk, and the wear and tear on your physical being will not be a factor.

Just the ordeal of lifting all your furniture by yourself  or with your partner is a maximum physical drain that you should avoid if at all possible. The pros will have all of the right equipment, plus storage facilities are available if the need arises.

Check Out the Credentials of the Professional Mover

Don’t hesitate to do a background check on the company or companies who you are considering for the job of moving your belongings.

Finally, get everything in writing that you possibly can and find out if the company with whom you are dealing will stand behind what is promised. Get references if possible from others who have used the company.

Moving can be very stressful, but the quality and professionalism of a good professional moving company can ease the stress by taking the load off the consumer in many areas. Even with back to school complications anywhere in Ontario, proper planning and professional help will go a long way in making your move successful.


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