What To Do When Pieces of Broken Glass Get Stuck in Your Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal system is a great tool to have inside your kitchen. This particular plumbing fixture can help get rid of small kinds of waste in a safe and hygienic manner. With the help of a garbage disposal, you can throw tiny bits of food into your kitchen sink without worrying about any clog from happening.

Although the importance of a garbage disposal system can’t be denied, there will occasions when this plumbing fixture can cause serious trouble for you. One specific example if when sharp shards of glass get stuck inside a garbage disposal. Before you panic and hurt yourself, there are simple ways to get broken glass out of your garbage disposal. Here are some of those solutions for your benefit.

Switch your garbage disposal off first

If a piece of glass got into your garbage disposal, you need to act on this problem fast. Otherwise, your investment in this plumbing fixture will literally go down the drain. For starters, you should immediately turn off your garbage disposal before working on the problem. This act cuts off the flow of electricity into this kitchen fixture as you attempt to obtain all pieces of broken glass. Once you have turned off your garbage disposal, you can now proceed to the next step.

Use a pair of pliers

Small pieces of broken glass can be very hard to get a hold of. This is true, especially when these pieces are stuck inside your garbage disposal. Aside from having a hard time getting them out, these tiny shards can also cause a wound if you’re not too careful. In this case, the best thing you can do is to use a pair of pliers. This handy tool allows you to take out each shard of glass in your garbage disposal without the danger of getting a wound. Plus, asking someone to hold a flashlight while you do this task will be a tremendous help.

Try vacuuming those pesky shards of glass

After getting all the pieces of glass out from your garbage disposal using a pair of pliers, there might be some left. When you have exhausted the use of your pliers, you can get your vacuum cleaner to help out.

This appliance will suck out all of those tiny shards easily. All you need to do is point it towards the direction of your garbage disposal and turn it on. Be careful in disposing the broken pieces of glass and waste collected by your vacuum cleaner by placing them in a separate trash container immediately.

Nudge the blades carefully

Now that you have almost gotten rid of those pieces of glass, you can now safely nudge the garbage disposal’s blades. This act will loosen any shard of glass stuck inside these blades so they can fall off onto the drainage pipes and be disposed properly. Don’t forget to wear protective gloves to shield your hands from dirt and grime.

Call on a professional plumber

If all else fails, you can call a 24 hour plumber in Singapore to help you out. This professional is trained and experienced in dealing with this particular problem. Plus, a plumber has the proper set of tools to dispose of all broken pieces of glass in your garbage disposal safely and efficiently.


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